Custom Branded Cigars & Accessories

Cigar Choices

Generally, we provide smooth blended cigars for increased smoking pleasure. These cigar types include Natural (light wrapper) and Maduro (dark wrapper) products. Most of the cigars that we provide are sized ranged 6X52 to 7X50, and have a mild rating. Minimum orders are 1,000 units. We can source specific specialty varieties on a case-by-case basis as may be required. However, minimum units may be up-scaled due to product production and availability.

Production Process

Our cigars are totally hand-made. From the planting of the seedlings---to the nurture and care ---to the harvesting ---to the separation and choice of fillers and wrappers---to the finished rolled product ---to the hands of our customers…………..Ours is a “Hand-Into-Hand Process.”

Product Accessories

The Cigar Associates offers customer branding via officially licensed logo and identity promotion cigar bands, cutters, torches, and ashtrays.

Natural (Light Wrapper)

Natural cigar wrappers are a light color and have a corresponding light taste and texture to the smoke that they generate. They are sometimes referred to as English Market Standard (EMS) wrappers. These wrappers only appear on fine cigars. On cheap cigars, the light wrapper is usually just paper but, on an natural wrapper cigar, it is a leaf and this gives it a far superior taste.

Maduro (Dark Wrapper)

A Maduro wrapper is much darker in color. They can be almost black, in some cases. The darker wrappers have a more full-bodied taste that is most often described as "having a wonderful, rich taste to them". Our premium Maduro cigars stand out with bold flavor as we use only the finest quality products in our hand made cigars.